StrongU Statement on STU-U6 hashrate failure

StrongU Statement on STU-U6 hashrate failure

STU-U6 Hashrate

The first batch of STU-U6 units fitted with a 3rd party control board suffered major faults in all units after 1-2 weeks of use, it resulted in the unit not hashing at the advertised rate of 660GH/s but only 440GH/s and suffering many malfunctions. Continued is our solution and commitment

StrongU is ashamed of the failure of all stages of production that allowed this oversight to occur, all customers who ordered an STU-U6 Batch 1 and 2 have been sent brand new units of our batch 3 which includes our own control board and does hash at 660gh/s.

StrongU has completed a complete overhaul of quality control department and is dedicated to this never occurring again, the problem has caused damaged to the reputation of StrongU and we hope the mining community can forgive this error in time by seeing the actions we take into the future.

Any advertised hashrate will be a GUARANTEE or full refund without return of units required.

STU-U6 Pro has a hashrate of 3260GH/s this is correct and we understand customers who are not aware of the above admission will be skeptical. We understand and believe open admission to our past mistakes and through actions and delivery we seek to restore reputation and trust. Customers who purchased Batch 1 and 2 STU-U6 units can order the STU-U6 Pro and only pay after testing.