StrongU STU-U6 Pro Bulk Rate


StrongU STU-U6 Pro Bulk Rate

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Power Consumption: 2145W     Hash Rate: 3260GH/s
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StrongU STU-U6 Pro

StrongU STU-U6 miner. This unit features a built in Power Supply Unit, mining X11 algorithm at hashrate 3260 Gh/s with a power consumption of 2145W. Supported coins include Dash (DASH) and Paccoin (PAC).


All prices are listed in USD and BTC, payment is made using Bitcoin at time of checkout. ETH LTC, USDC and coinbase account payment are available


Miners are via different courier companies depending on customer location. We use Debon logistics, Debon Express, Shunda air distribution and DHL. Shipping cost is free. Different countries may impose customs taxes.

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6 month warranty starting from date units received. The following conditions will void the warranty:

1.The mining machine itself was dismantled, and the components were changed and replaced.

2.Lightning strikes, voltage surges, poor quality power supplies, etc.

3.Water, circuit boards and components are damaged by moisture and corrosion.

4.The board has burnt marks or the chip is burnt.


6.Private use of the major mining machine manufacturers batch monitoring tools, silencers, IP search tools, resulting in machine damage or scrap will not accept warranty replacement.


To calculate current profitability visit and input 3260Gh/s, 2145W and your local electricity price.

STU-U6 Specifications





Rated Hashrate






Net Weight


Cooling Method

2*12038 fans

Operating Temperature


Internet Connection




Warranty Period

6 months

Input Voltage

AC 220-240V,50/60Hz

Rated Power


Power Efficiency



User Interface:

STU-U6 Hashrate


StrongU STU-U6 packaging


STU-U6 in operation


STU-U6 Front


StrongU STU-U6 back



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Do you have stock available? How much?

If ‘In stock’ is displayed near item price, we have stock ready to ship. If you place a large order and stock quantity is unavailable, you will receive notification. If you are able to proceed to payment screen then stock level for your order is available.

How can I pay? What is the process?

For international orders we accept Bitcoin only for payment, our checkout allows you to pay with LTC ETH BCH and USDC using coinbase commerce. Upon pressing checkout an address and amount will be shown, you must transfer the exact amount shown.

I know you only accept bitcoin but can I pay with bank transfer/credit card/paypal ect.

We do not make exceptions. This is due to the excessive fraud we have experienced when we used to offer these facilities. Chinese nationals may pay via WeChat pay on large orders.

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We use Express Shipping for all orders, for domestic Chinese orders, next day delivery. it will take  3-7 days to all other countries.

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Yes, we ship to every country.

Can you make my invoice lower to help with import taxes?

We certainly can, just leave customer note when making order. For large orders we sometimes pre-pay these taxes, contact us to find our more.

What voltage will the Power Supply Run on? What plug is included?

Our Power Supply Units are dual voltage and will run in every country, just plug in and mine! We ship the required plug for the shipping address, if you require a different plug to the standard of your shipping address then please advise which plug in the customer notes.

Are you the real StrongU? How can I trust you?

We are the manufacturer and StrongU has a great reputation worldwide, however it is important to be aware of fake websites and companies. Our business registration is ICP 备 08011625 号-2  Here is certification that is the only website registered to our company: